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Protect the design of your products

Industrial design is a three-dimensional or two-dimensional appearance of the whole product, or part of it, which adds value to the product and is not only an artistic or creative element but makes the product attractive, adding up to its marketability and may even become the main reason for buying the product.

If your product is new and original, its industrial design must be protected, although criteria for its protection can differ from one country to another.

By protecting an industrial design, its owner or right holder, secures the exclusive right against unauthorized copying or imitation by third parties.

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Our Services

  • Design searches and availability check of a particular design
  • Preparing and filing applications to the country’s relevant authority or European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
  • Legal opinions on infringement of design rights and related
  • Protecting design rights through negotiations, settlements and litigation procedures
  • Detection of counterfeiting activities on the market and online including social networks (Instagram and Facebook), and protection of the owner or right holder from further violations