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Safe is smart. Launch your idea safely and reach for the stars.

If you are an idea owner, inventor, designer, or a lawyer seeking patent counsel to protect your company’s or client’s intellectual property (IP), Mirkov Čivtelić & Jakšić patent attorneys are ready to protect your work.

Before you embark on developing your ingenious idea, a thorough search must be carried out in order to check if someone has already protected or filed a patent application for something similar.

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Choose the perfect strategy for your creative idea.

To get the most relevant protection for your inventions, concepts and designs, our team is proficient in conducting research of potential prior art and prepare perfect strategy for your application. It must be noted that patents are both time limited and territorially limited so patent protection is granted for a limited period in the country or region in which it has been filed and registered.

We are versed in managing national and international portfolios and all types of IP proceedings before the competent authorities. Members of our team have successfully been representing clients before the Intellectual Property Office, the Customs Administration and other relevant bodies across the region of South East Europe.

Our team advises clients operating in various fields, such as entertainment, art, music, technology, food & beverage, chemical, pharma, software, hospitality and industrial technologies. Our greatest strength is our experienced team that prepares both the strategies and tactics of your patent across the region.

Our Services

  • Conducting searches and patent clearance
  • Drafting, filing applications and monitoring applications
  • Drafting and negotiating license agreements
  • Extending duration of patents
  • Enforcing patent rights through litigation, negotiation and arbitration
  • Providing opinions on patent rights and infringement
  • Investigations of patent infringements
  • Types of registered protection available
  • Review of international treaties applicable