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Trademark protection, a well worth investment

Trademark is an essential element of your brand or brand name and is intrinsically linked to success of your business. A trademark can be any name, word, symbol, phrase, colour, sound, smell or anything else that is recognizable and differentiates your business or work from others in the market.

Our experienced lawyers at Mirkov Čivtelić & Jakšić have the resources and experience to handle a wide range of trademark protection issues falling within a broad spectrum of industries throughout the region.

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Our Services

Our team works closely with clients throughout the trademark procedure to shape strategies tailored to suit the needs of their businesses. From drafting effective trademark applications to implementing your most valuable IP possession, our team is available to support you along the way.

We also deliver opinions and advise clients on strategies to overcome any potential obstacles, time-consuming litigations and during foreign filings across multiple jurisdictions. It must be noted that duration of a trademark registration varies depending on the laws of the country where it was registered including the registration of a trademark before the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

  • Trademark clearance searches and opinions
  • Trademark protection strategies
  • Preparing, filing, and prosecuting trademark applications across multiple jurisdictions
  • Preparing and negotiating trademark licenses
  • Protection of trademarks before the Customs Administration and the Ministry of Trade
  • Trademark infringement litigation