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IP solution that will skyrocket your invention

Mirkov Čivtelić & Jakšić is an IP law firm established to fulfil the needs for specialised and innovative IP services. We put a special focus on personalised approach and dedication to each of our clients.

The firm cooperates with qualified professionals specialised in intellectual property, combining efficient, high quality services with versatility that enables us to keep up with the new trends in the market.


Let’s grow together with the best IP advice in the region

Let’s grow together with the best IP advice in the region

Our firm is seated in Belgrade, Serbia. Our strategic location and regional network allow us to be in direct contact with the intellectual property offices and authorities throughout Southeast Europe.

Lawyers at Mirkov Čivtelić & Jakšić provide a full IP service in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, including global counselling rendered by IP attorneys worldwide.


Legacy of Ideas as an Inspiration

The ideas and creations of the human spirit are changing the world. They come in various shapes and forms and may be reached after a long quest, or in a spontaneous manner, unintentionally. Entire sciences, technological paradigms, new ways of thinking and the world we know today, have emerged from and have been orbiting around them. Those ideas, left as inheritance to future generations and persons who brought them, are our main inspiration in everyday work. Improve, solve seemingly small everyday problems, contribute to the general well-being, initiate, inspire – are usually our basic drivers.

A perfect example for this story, is Nikola Mirkov, an engineer with a vision and bearer of new and improved ideas, also known as “the great poet of hydraulic engineering” and mastermind behind Danube – Tisza – Danube (DTD) hydro system. This unique hydro-technical system connects the flows of the rivers Danube and Tisza through Vojvodina and represents one of the greatest human endeavors in the field. By its multiple purposes the channel is unique in the world, and yet, designed to be larger than life itself.

“One should be born, grow up and live in this endless lowland. One should feel deeply and to the core the water woes and that eternal struggle of having water in excess and longing for water. If the years are rainy – danger and misfortune, if the years are dry – trouble is even greater. The Danube water regime and its incredibly complex nature, should be studied and understood. We need to consider significant past experiences, both ours and those that belong to others.”

Mirkov, N. (1976). The Danube-Tisza-Danube canal and our life issue. Waters of Vojvodina, 4, 85-92.

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Our approach

We make IP practice better

Our team is in direct contact with relevant IP authorities, which allows us to thoroughly monitor cases and guarantee their quick and due management. Our lawyers have been members of many working groups and have participated in the drafting of many intellectual property rights laws in their countries.

They are also members of INTA (International Trademark Association), ECTA and other associations dedicated to intellectual property community in the fields of trade marks, designs, copyright and other intellectual property rights, within and beyond South East Europe and the European Union.

By taking an active role in many committees and working groups, our lawyers have contributed to resolving some of the key issues and creating trends, thus improving their knowledge and skills and providing a great contribution to many industries improving society as a whole.

Industry Focus

We deliver IP and business legal services in a wide range of industries, including entertainment, art, food & beverage, chemical, pharma, software, hospitality and industrial technologies.


Strategic Advice

Our IP attorneys have obtained hundreds of patents for our clients enabling outstanding growth for our clients’ businesses through apprehensive, strategic and proactive IP portfolio acquisition and management of patents and trademarks.