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Copyright encourages intellectual creativity as it provides an exclusive right to use the copyrighted work, distribute and reproduce copies of the copyrighted work and display them in public.

All creators have rights over their literary, musical, artistic and dramatic works as their unique contribution that differentiates them from competition and makes their outputs commercially successful.


Copyright is an essential component for protecting your valuable idea

Copyright is an essential component for protecting your valuable idea

Whether you want to secure the design of your product, packaging, artwork, musical composition, software, animation or advertisement, you will enhance your business by copyright protection and defend and enforce your rights when the situation arises.


Before you protect your copyrights and related rights, it should be noted that your work will be protected for a defined period of time, after which the work becomes free for the world.

Our Services

Our clients operate in a number of industries, for example: media and entertainment, music, food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceuticals, fashion, film, AI and technology.

Our copyright law team also creates innovative dispute resolution strategies to defend clients’ intellectual property interests. The team also prepares analyses of potential plagiarisms or infringements and represents clients in all related disputes.
The team also performs searches of the market including online with a special focus on the social networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) in order to determine the violation of rights.

  • Creation of copyright protection strategies
  • Copyright applications drafting and filing
  • Enforcing copyright through litigation, negotiation and arbitration
  • Copyright licensing and exploitation agreements
  • Providing opinions on copyright and related rights including infringements
  • Investigations and searches related to infringements of copyrights and related rights