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Over the world

Too much time has passed. Absolutely every fan of the most important of the less important things in the world is waiting with great impatience for the start of the 22nd FIFA World Cup, which will soon begin in Qatar. For the first time in history, the championship will be held in the Middle East, and this will also be the last time that the 32 best football teams in the world will compete, given that 48 of them will compete from the next one. Another novelty is that the competition will take place during November and December instead of the usual dates in July and June, since the temperatures in Qatar are too high in that period to be able to play smoothly.

Given that the qualifications were extremely difficult, only Serbia and Croatia managed to qualify for the championship from the region of Southeast Europe.

The helm of the Eagles, which is the nickname of the Serbian football team, was taken over by the famous Dragan Stojković Piksi and after the elimination of Portugal led by Ronaldo in the qualifiers, expectations from him and the boys are huge. Excitement and temperature are rising at an unprecedented rate as we get closer to the start of the competition. So a few days ago, one of the most popular musicians of the region – Rasta, presented his groundbreaking author’s song, which will be the official anthem of the Eagles. For several years, Mirkov Law has had the pleasure of representing Rasta regarding the protection of all his intellectual property rights, including the latest song Preko sveta (Over the world).

Are you ready for football magic?