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World Intellectual Property Day

Over the last near quarter of a century, April the 26th has been celebrated as World Intellectual Property Day. On this day the intellectual property Offices around the world organize diverse activities and festivities to highlight the importance of the protection of intellectual property rights as one of the most significant rights whose value is only expected to continue its growth in the future.

For this day, The Intellectual Property Office has organized numerous varied festivities around the country, with the main event being scheduled for 1 pm at the Great Hall.

The theme of this year’s World Intellectual Property Day was chosen by the World Intellectual Property Organization with the title Women and Intellectual Property: Accelerating innovation and creativity. It is for this very reason that, following the welcome speech from the director Vladimir Marić, the attendees will be addressed by numerous tremendously talented women which have already succeeded in achieving spectacular results in the field of intellectual property.

Happy World Intellectual Property Day!