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Mirkov Čivtelić & Jakšić Welcomes New Name Partners

In a strategic move to bolster its standing in the legal arena, Mirkov Law, a distinguished independent law firm founded by Relja Mirkov in 2020, has undergone a transformative expansion. The firm, renowned for its specialization in intellectual property and corporate law, is thrilled to announce the addition of two exceptional name partners, Andreja Čivtelić and Milan Jakšić, marking the birth of the dynamic joint law firm, Mirkov Čivtelić & Jakšić.

Expertise in Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution, Corporate, and Commercial Law

Mirkov Čivtelić & Jakšić brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront, with a particular focus on intellectual property rights, dispute resolution, and corporate and commercial law. The firm’s prowess is accentuated by its distinguished client portfolio, catering to media companies, film artists, musicians, photographers, pharmaceutical, energy, telecom, tech and FMCG companies.

Strategic Collaboration for Unparalleled Legal Excellence

In response to the rising demand for its services, Mirkov Law has strategically joined forces with accomplished legal practitioners and experts. The integration of Andreja Čivtelić and Milan Jakšić into the firm solidifies its position as one of the most proficient entities in the realms of intellectual property protection and corporate law.

Milan brings more than 17 years of extensive knowledge and experience in various facets of business and corporate law. He has developed a particular specialization in intellectual property law and related complex legal disputes. Throughout his years in practice, he has successfully safeguarded the rights of renowned artists, photographers, musicians, and companies within the creative industries in the Serbian market.

Andreja has been skilfully managing cases for more than 14 years for individuals and corporate entities, navigating issues surrounding the infringement of their intellectual property rights, trademarks, copyright, and related rights. Andreja regularly represents clients before all domestic courts and pertinent authorities. Beyond his focus on intellectual property law, Andreja applies his legal expertise to a comprehensive array of corporate law matters.

A Brief Background:

After a fruitful career in one of the leading regional law firms, Relja Mirkov, a founding partner, established Mirkov Law in 2020. Specializing in intellectual property and corporate law, the firm swiftly garnered acclaim for its dedication to providing top-notch legal services. Recognizing the need for further expansion, Mirkov Law took decisive steps in 2024 to enhance its professional capabilities.

Positioned for Success in 2024 and Beyond

Mirkov Čivtelić & Jakšić remains committed to delivering unparalleled legal solutions in South East Europe, ensuring its clients receive expert counsel in intellectual property matters, dispute resolution, and corporate and commercial law.